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Fascinating architecture

The inspiration for the aesthetically charming exterior visible from each side of Avala office buildings are the distant planets. The metropolitan facade design with reflective glass conceals the usual orderliness of the storeys with its optical pattern. Office buildings named after distant celestial bodies offer great functionality and show off their individuality both day and night.


At the service of the efficiency of technology

Technological innovations in their unobtrusive service make the lives of people working in the office very comfortable. Smart elevators with preselected options save time for employees and the automation that controls the quality of the environment saves costs.

Environmentally friendly

Quarter of pure conscience

Avala office buildings bearing the marking of an environmentally friendly building – LEED GOLD – draw energy from the largest solar park in Tallinn, which helps to cover one-third of the energy needs of the entire commercial quarter. Innovative roofs are covered with an environmentally friendly membrane IKO Carrara whose unique air-purifying surface can neutralise the annual emission of 3,750 cars over its lifetime.

Interior design

Standard or custom solution

Avala office buildings offer you flexible options in terms of the spatial plan as well as finishing. Clients seeking individuality can create a unique interior with the help of an interior designer, and to clients who love convenience we offer a tasteful standard solution where the client can choose between a light and dark finishing option.


More spacious parking in the city centre

Avala has resolved a great point of concern for office buildings – limited and costly parking. Clients have nearly 850 parking spaces available to them, the majority of which are situated in the parking house. This covers the parking needs of both tenants of the commercial quarter as well as visitors. Looking ahead, charging options are available for up to 200 electric cars and secure storage locations are provided for bicycles.

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